In which we meet Twiry and everyone has adventures

Nano is well underway. Jonathan, Cassie, and i had a little kickoff party of our own, involving Chinese take-out, two cats with assumptions, and a coffee break halfway through.

So far, Twiry has Happened, discovered the joys of jumping and twirling, met a chickadee, found a mint patch, observed a lady-beetle, fallen asleep, and awakened to a buzzing sound. All that in only 2348 words! i’m one and a half chapters in. Stay tuned!

In the meanwhile, here’s the flower from which Twiry was made:

Now, who wants an excerpt?

A little bird came by just then, as the little fairy was fluttering her wings, and it called out to her. “Twee-twee! Twee-twee!” just like that. She looked up and saw it watching her from the tree above. “Twee-twee!” it sang again.

Twiry thought it was saying her name: “Twiry! Twiry!” so she sang back to it: “Birdy! Birdy!” The bird thought this was a very fun game. It hopped closer, onto a lower branch, and called again: “Twee-twee! Twiry!” Twiry was so happy that she jumped up into the air and spun around three times, and then she landed—flimp-bump!—in the grass. The bird took wing and fluttered a little closer. This time it landed on a very low branch, although a very low branch is still rather high for a tiny fairy girl. “Twiry! Twiry!” it sang.

Twiry jumped up from the grass and spun around again. “Birdy! Birdy!” She was very pleased with this new game. She wanted to get a little closer to the bird, and to try out her new wings, so she fluttered and jumped all at the same time, and then she was flying! She flew right up, fluttering and zipping just like a little pink dragonfly, until she was able to land on her tippy-toes at the end of the branch where the bird was sitting. It was a very handsome little bird, with a black head and beard and a creamy chest. It was not very much bigger than Twiry.

Now that i’ve gotten the fairy-dust out of my system for the night, it’s time to go watch some vampire-slaying.

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