Seminary application progress so far

Now that my Peet essay is complete (more on that in another post), my next task is to complete my Denver Seminary application. So here’s what i’ve got so far:

Steps 1, 2, 4: Done. Steps 3, 5, 6: Still in process. Plus, i need transcripts.

Step 3 involves the essays, and the print and online applications disagree on the formatting, so i’ve sent an email to admissions regarding that. (i do have the essays written, so unless i need to reformat them they should be good to go.)

Step 5, major and concentration, asks what specific major-related classes i’ve taken. i honestly cannot remember for sure—whatever OT classes were required, which i think is just Pentateuch, but i don’t have all my electives in my head anymore. Still working on reconstructing that. (It has been eleven years since graduation.)

Step 6 requires several forms to be filled out on my behalf. i have forms out to all my references (and at least one has already made it back to the school) and i’ve signed the statement of faith; now i need a spouse statement and a church endorsement.

In the aforementioned email to admissions, i also requested a campus visit. So we’ll see what happens next.

This should feel weirder than it does. But it doesn’t feel weird at all. And that’s weird.

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