Yaunsi 06: Agonizing

וַיּאׁמֶר בְּלֵבוׂ מַה־אֶעֱשֶה וְאֵיךְ אֲנִי מוׂשִׁיעַ אׂתִי וְאֶת־עַמִּי עַל הָאוׂיֵב הָרָשָׁע הַזֶּה : גַּם־עַתָּה נׂכֵל הוּא עַלֵינוּ וְגַם־עַתָּה הוּא שָׁמוּר הָאִישׁ מִוִּם־תִי : וְהָאִישׁ מִוִּם־תִי יוׂשֵׁן מֵעֵבֶר הַפֶּתַח וְלֹא־יָדַע כִּי יָעוּנְסִי הָיַה בַּבַּיִת : ס

He said in his heart, “What shall i do? And how am i to save myself and my people against this wicked enemy? Even now it is plotting against us, and even now it is being guarded by the Man from Vim-Ti!” (Now the Man from Vim-Ti was sleeping on the other side of the door, and he did not know that Yaunsi was in the abode.)

The Yaunsi Heresy is a new work of fiction in classical Hebrew based on A.S. Peterson’s lobidious tale of the Budge-Nuzzard. It will be published in serial.

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