I crept in an unlit night

Dear readers, Jubilations-purchasers, sojourners with me into words herein, i wanted your books to be perfect.

One thing after another has me feeling like something is preventing me from finishing the preorders. Tight hinges, slipping ruler, torn paper, printing errors. i don’t know why and i want it to stop. i just want to ship your books. i want them to be perfect, and i want them to be in the mail last week.

With this burden pressing and with a friend’s urging i left my materials on the table and went up to my prayer room. i cried out my fear and weariness and surrendered myself and this project, and in surrendering i received it back as a gift. These poems are a gift, to me and to you and even to the poet himself, as we are gifts to one another.

Your books might not be perfect. i don’t know why i’ve been having this trouble. But as i read over them again in prayer, i was reminded of the brightness of the Word unhid within, and of my need to wrestle myself down in stillness and quiet, to receive.

i am bookbinding today. Perfect or not, the binding of these books is a grace given to me that i might give it to you. i love them. And whether or not they are perfect, every book will be prayed over.

2 Replies to “I crept in an unlit night”

  1. Love that prayer brought restoration. Imperfection == Character. I, and the recipient of the gift copy I bought, will be overjoyed even if, or maybe even because of additional character.

    The binding is just the delivery media for the content, and if the content is even half so wonderful as you’ve said, we will be well well blessed.

    1. Oh, the physical matters. Incarnation matters. The dichotomy between flesh and soul is not one found in Scripture. But i am content to serve the Word within, and i agree that sometimes it’s the imperfection that makes a thing more lovely. “A line only gets grace when it curves, you know.”

      Thanks for waiting with joyful anticipation. 🙂

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