Weem Adrift’s first year of taxes

In my last post i mentioned that in January i filed small business paperwork. Last week we did our best to sort out how to include my very small business expenses and even smaller income in our personal income taxes. This reminded me that while most of my online orders are across state lines, i should look into what’s required of me as far as sales tax goes.

It appears that Colorado state tax regulations have changed in the last few months, so what i didn’t know in the first place is already out of date, and the new rules will take some sorting out.  i’ve decided to hold off on selling through the site here while i figure out what i need to do, and in the meanwhile you can still order through The Rabbit Room, who hold most of my inventory anyway. i will miss sending out nuzzardous tracking emails, but the tracking texts you will receive from the RR were written by the same brilliant if slightly-gnawed brain that produced the Budge-Nuzzard. So everybody wins. 🙂

To purchase The Budge-Nuzzard or In the Year of Jubilation, click through to the Rabbit Room Store.

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