Hello again, friends :-)

Hello friends, i haven’t been updating here as frequently lately, but have been very busy on Facebook, hosting daily live readalouds throughout the pandemic, and in January, launching a FB page with my husband. On that page, Glossary Parish, we have led multiple Bible teaching series, and all my online readalouds have been catalogued for easy browsing. Readalouds continue, and i’m starting a new Bible teaching series in a couple weeks! The series is called Tanakh Tuesday, and the new study will be a readalong of Christopher J.H. Wright’s book The Mission of God’s People.

Another big change lately is that the library at which i’ve worked for 17 years has been closed down. That is a long, frustrating story, but it’s gotten me thinking about the manifold ways that small library enabled me to love authors and readers by connecting them to one another, and to promote good, healthy conversations about all manner of things cultural and theological. i’m currently working toward finding a new way to do both of those things, very possibly through Glossary Parish, but through other avenues as well. Keep your eyes peeled. i have some author friends helping me think through this, and while Facebook is my most up-to-date method of communication, a website relaunch may be part of the big picture.

Hope you are well. Love you all.

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