Hideously Gnawed Jubilations

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Slightly mangled, newly rebound, still readable copies of A.S. Peterson’s exquisite poem cycle.

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Hideously Gnawed copies are those which have been slightly mangled in the production process. Their hinges don’t work right or something else has gone wrong, so they’ve been cut apart and rebound. Individual copies may have doubled endpapers where i sliced out the text block and pasted it back in, or if i had to cut the cover i’ll reassemble it with an extra strip of watercolor paper wrapped around the spine. They might have needed some hinge repair, in which case an extra strip of text paper will be pasted in. They’ll still be perfectly readable and they’ll still have their little hand-torn, walnut-inked J on the front (or the back, as the case may be).

Currently, all Hideously Gnawed copies are hardcover.

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Weight 5.7 oz
Dimensions 7 x 5.75 x .375 in
Hideously Gnawed



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