Mrttikaa: Creation Myth

Deva, in the Beginning, created the vastness of space. It was dark and empty. Deva spoke to the Nebula: “Be.” And it was. In the Nebula were the seeds of all life.

Deva, in His hand, gathered up many seeds of life. Small they were, but bright, and as He warmed them in His hand, He sang to them. They grew and became brighter still, and they became stars. He spoke to the stars: “Light the vastness.” And He flung them from His hand into space, where they shone brightly out of love for Him. But one star He held in His hand.

Deva gathered up more seeds of life and spat on them, and the mixture became clay. He broke off a small piece of the star in His hand and molded the clay around it, and it became Mrttikaa. He opened His hand, and spoke to Mrttikaa and the star: “Dance in the heavens.” And the star shone brightly, and Mrttikaa danced around the star out of love for Deva.

Deva spoke to the water: “Be.” And it was. The surface of Mrttikaa was covered in water. Deva spoke to the fire within Mrttikaa: “Spring up.” And the fire sprung up at His command and became islands, mountains, and all land.

Deva desired creatures to live on Mrttikaa. He spoke to them: “Be.” And in the water, and on the land, and in the air, the seeds of life within Mrttikaa became fish, animals, and birds. He blessed them and said to them, “Be many.” And the creatures grew in number out of love for Deva.

Deva desired also children to live on Mrttikaa and rule His creation. So He spoke to the Shataarati: “Be.” And they were: Nine male and nine female. He breathed His breath into them, and they stood up and lived. He set them down at the foot of the mountains.

Deva blessed His creation and gave it to the Shataarati, that they might guard and care for Mrttikaa alongside Him.

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