Mrttikka: The Sending

Ananda, the Blissful one:

The dance drew to a close, and we found our eyes seeing again. Around us, on all sides, were our brothers and sisters. As we came to ourselves, we realized that we formed a circle– Sankara and i in the centre, facing one another, and all the others around us. Each couple faced away from us in a different direction, and each held the hand of a mate. We saw that Jivala and Omana faced north. Next to them were Vrata and Talisa, then Aalok and Jyoti, then Abhiraja and Abhishri. Palak and Bhupali faced south. Next to them were Satyam and Satya, then Prasad and Shuddhi. Last of all were Pavan and Anila, next to Jivala and Omana.

We stood like that, coupled, all but we two facing out, for a full day. The sun set; the nebula shone. The nebula faded and shone again, while the moons sent forth their light. The beauty of the nebula gave way to that of the sun. The sun climbed up the sky and then descended, and we were at peace. For the whole day, we felt neither hunger nor thirst nor weariness. Ahamasmi was all around us, and we were together. In all my days, i have never again felt such restful contentment.

As the sun began to set again, we looked around at one another and laughed. And as we faced one another again, each man spoke of what Ahamasmi said to him– for it seemed that all heard Him at once. Each man received a name, a wife, and a destiny. Each woman received a name, a husband, and a gift. And as we talked, Satyam realized that each man’s destiny would be empowered by his wife’s gift, or impossible without it. Ahamasmi is wise and gracious and loving– His Name be forever loved!

For ourselves, Sankara was given the feet of the mountain, and i was given unquenchable joy.

How wonderful is our Deva Ahamasmi! His love and goodness are never-ending. In Him we are complete.

That night we slept under the stars, and in the morning, each pair set out to find and care for their destiny. Sankara and i stood, hand in hand, and rejoiced to see them go. Each went the direction the dance had left them facing. We would not see them again until they had found their own place, named it, and wandered from one end to the other.

But in three years’ time, we stood again at the mountains’ foot and looked out to see them returning.

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