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Jonathan and i were gone this last weekend on a sightseeing train trip through the mountains. Consequently, neither of us got any writing done. But it was a marvelous trip, and i don’t regret it one bit.

i spent this morning at my favourite writing spot: Genoa Coffee & Wine. After some shop-talk with the barista regarding coffee origins and roasting, i settled down to finish story two and write story three.

In story two, Twiry enjoys a mint patch and meets her dearest friend, Mr. Bumblebee. In story three, they go on a foraging trip for nectar, and Twiry meets some forest creatures. So far so good, i think. The first story, by far, had the most author-reader interaction. i’m trying to work that into all the stories. The first story simply had more opportunity, as it was introducing Twiry and the idea of fairies. Subsequent stories have more action and discovery, and less exposition and dialog. At least, less dialog between me and the reader. More dialog between Twiry and her friends. 🙂

At this rate, however, the Nano calculator tells me i’ll be finished by December 14. Obviously, i have more catching up to do!

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