A happy little Bookshop for you

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Observe this trove of wonderment!

In the quest to connect readers i love with books i love, i’ve set up a new affiliate shop where you can browse and purchase all the chapter books we’ve read aloud together over the last year and a half. 🙂 i’m updating the shop as we keep reading, and the books are currently organized into not one but TEN lists. The Chapter Book Readalouds, pictured above, include every book we’ve read start to finish (sans a couple out of print or unpublished titles not available via Bookshop). There is also a list of picture books, one for poetry (currently mostly James Dickey—i need to do more poetry pouncings!), one for excerpted readalouds (books from which i’ve read 1-3 chapters and left you to discover the rest on your own), etc. There’s a list for Juneteenth reads, and a list celebrating our Asian-American neighbors. There’s one for Old Testament studies, one for theology, one for Inklings and friends, and one for Rabbit Room authors. SO MANY BOOKS.

The Bookshop affiliate system (because this is an affiliate shop) allows me to curate these excellent collections, and then anything you buy from one of those lists earns me 10% commission at no additional cost to you. What will i do with that, you wonder? Oh, i have ideas. Mainly book-flinging ideas. This might be giveaways, or it might involve some form of book-sharing, but whatever shape it takes, those little pennies will help me purchase excellent books which will then find their way out into the world, and perhaps even into your own hands. They will find their way into real hands, one way or another, of that you may be certain.

That affiliate link will also allow you to start in my shop and then browse around until you find just the right thing (or things! buy two!). If you want a hardcover copy and i’ve linked a paperback, or you discover an author you love and want to buy more of their books, or you remember you suddenly need a new cookbook or a gift for a baby shower, all of that works. Bookshop will keep track of my affiliate link for 48 hours after you’ve clicked it, so you can participate in my future book-flinging even if you already have a copy of everything i’ve listed. 😉 And in the case of public-domain books, which can be so tricky to find in quality editions, you can be sure that i’ve already looked into every edition i’ve linked. If the edition linked isn’t the exact edition i own, it’s at least one i know is reputable. No cheap blights in that shop, i promise.

So go on. Have a look. It was so much fun creating these lists! They are for you. 🙂

My affiliate shop at Bookshop.org

Next up: A readalong

This post contains affiliate links.

Earlier this week i posted here that i’ve been hosting live online readalouds all year, and that my husband and i had recently started live online Bible teaching videos. Well, it’s time to combine those two: Next up is my first live online readalong!

What’s the difference between a readaloud and a readalong, you may ask? In a readaloud, you show up (maybe with a cozy tiger and a cup of tea), and i read to you. In a readalong, we both have a copy of the book, and we read and discuss together.

The book i’ve picked: Christopher J.H. Wright’s very excellent The Mission of God’s People.

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Wright is one of my favorite Old Testament scholars, in part because of his big-picture approach and his very accessible writing. The chapters are short, and you’ll have no problem, whatever your background, following along with the conversation. This book follows on naturally from the series i just wrapped up, about the Bible’s Grand Narrative. (You can go ahead and binge that now, if you want to catch up—but no worries; Wright will get you caught up as we go!)

Go ahead and click the book image to find your own copy at a local-to-you (or online) independent bookstore. That’s an affiliate link, so when you purchase, i will receive (at no extra cost to you) a small percent of the purchase amount. My hope in setting that up is to help you find good independent bookstores, but also to fund whatever comes next in the goal of connecting people i love to books and authors i love. (See my last post.)

i hope you’ll join me for the readalong! It’ll be starting on August 31, at Glossary Parish.